Arno Matis Architecture’s firm focus is on providing bespoke services; leveraging our skills in design innovation and ability to manage challenging projects to create additional value for our clients. Services include:

  • Rezoning Services;

  • Architectural Services;

  • Urban Design;

  • Interior Architecture;

  • Project Management;

  • Graphic Design.

key differentiators

Rezoning Expertise: We are experts at analyzing sites and proposing design solutions that maximize project value through increased efficiency and density. We typically present a strong project vision that stakeholders support with enthusiasm. This often translates to shorter approval timelines and fewer design revisions.

A Fusion of Traditional & Cutting-Edge Design Techniques: Each preliminary concept is hand-sketched by Arno Matis. AMA ’s accelerated laser-cut physical model massing allows for quick conceptual understanding of urban environments.

Building Form Optimization: We use parametric design software to inform and manipulate complex geometries through controlled and varied parameters set by project stakeholders, allowing rapid succession iterative modeling and a more clearly definable outcome.

Context-Specific Design: We do not apply generic solutions to our projects. Every project is a unique statement about the project’s time and use.

Value-focused Design: AMA’s iterative, design-centered approach maximizes project value through the deep context exploration and leveraging of the unique qualities of every site.

Integrated Design AMA utilizes an Integrated Design Process Model that facilitates ‘real-time’ costing of the project at every phase. This synchronized approach improves productivity, reduces redundancy and builds confidence at every phase.

Graphic Design: Advanced in-house digital modelling in rhino and vray software create higher quality graphic visualizations to enhance presentations and branding efforts, building early excitement in the community and marketplace.

Personal Service: The firm Principal is personally involved in the design and management of every AMA project. This approach ensures continuity and quality in each project, and across our entire project portfolio.