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7100 Elmbridge Way

Richmond, BC

Inspired by the geological history of its context, the architectural expression of the project is forward-looking, utilizing contemporary geometries, materials and building systems. This project could be understood as a “landscape intervention”, a topography of built form shaped to express the flow of water that is so powerfully present in the Richmond delta. The massing of the proposal is divided into a series of clearly defined vertical and horizontal layers articulated through a contrasting and continuous “ribbon” much like sedimentary layers that build up a topography over time.

Located midway between Richmond's Olympic Oval and Canada Line's Brighouse Station, this proposal is comprised of two, 15 storey residential towers, retail-wrapped parking podium and a large “rooftop park” over the parking structure to provide extensive new greenspace. Residential towers maintain a “bent slab-block” shape in plan to maximize exposure to light and views, and minimize shadow impact to the podium level. A defining characteristic of both tower forms is their cascading southern arms. These terraced building edges create units with stunning roof terraces oriented for maximum solar exposure. The terrace units epitomize a west coast design approach with an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living.

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SIZE 283,600 sq ft (26,344 sq m)

STATUS DP Application

CLIENT Landa Global Properties

Architectural Design

Arno Matis, Alan Hung, Simon Williams, Gord Sung, Paul Kibayashi, Matt Beall, Dom Mahoney, Andrew Green, Carolin Baur, Hong Ahn

Architect of Record: Rafii Architects; Landscape Architect: Hapa Collaborative, Marketing: Rennie Marketing