Listed for two consecutive years as a top 40 leading global design firm for the 21st century, cited as: “Outstanding, forward-thinking people and organizations who have the demonstrable potential to be the next big thing in the architectural world.” - World Architecture News

AMA features a team of globally-recruited staff; experts highly skilled in the provision of integrated architecture and urban design on the frontiers of the built environment. Our team members have worked at prestigious firms such as Frank Gehry, OMA, Coop Himmelb(l)au, UNStudio, Sou Fujimoto and Kengo Kuma. We provide service in 8 languages.

Our offices are organized around the principles of an open and integrated design workshop where barriers to communication are removed. Building on the principles of integrated team environments, AMA’s work places an emphasis on value-added innovation and research & development at all levels of design and project implementation.



Principal Arno Matis has extensive experience in designing and delivering architectural and urban design projects for a diverse range of clientele locally and internationally. He holds a graduate degree in Architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, a first professional degree in Architecture from the University of Oregon School and a Masters in Business Administration from Queen’s University. Mr.Matis has taught at the University of Oregon and is a guest critic at the University of British Columbia School of Architecture.

Throughout his career, Arno Matis has continued his emphasis on rigorous research and development, and fosters a spirit of artistic innovation in the application of new technologies, methodologies. His creative influences are drawn from academic underpinnings in architecture, urban design, landscape, contemporary art, culture and philosophy. He is a former senior director of Bing Thom Architects and played an active role in the design and management of numerous award-winning landmark projects including Arena Stage in Washington, Central City in Surrey, and Sunset Community Centre in Vancouver. Under BTA, Mr.Matis led Hotel Georgia through the first rezoning under Vancouver’s Tall Building Policy. Mr. Matis sat on the City of Vancouver Urban Design Panel, City of Vancouver Planning Commission and currently sits on the UBC Advisory Panel.


Paul Kibayashi - SR. ASSOCIATE

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Mr. Kibayashi brings decades of world-class experience including roles at the Office of Frank Gehry in Los Angeles where he worked on wide-range of projects including the Beijing Central Business Park Design in China, the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute in Las Vegas and Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey Museum in Paris.

Mr. Kibayashi holds a Bachelor of Architecture with Distinction from Carleton University, a Graduate Degree in Architecture from McGill University, and is fluent in English, Japanese and Korean. Paul is a vital executor of excellence in management and design leadership at AMA.


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Mr. Hung worked at prestigious firms Coop Himmelb(l)au in Vienna, UNStudio in Shanghai, and XTEN Architecture in Los Angeles before joining Arno Matis Architecture. His breadth of experience covers a wide-range of project typologies including Barry Residential complex in Los Angeles, Zhongshan Marina in Zhongshan, China, Soho Sipinglu and Soho Cao Jiadu in Shanghai.

Mr. Hung holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Ryerson Polytechnic University, a Graduate Degree in Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture and is fluent in English, Mandarin, Taiwanese and Cantonese. Mr. Hung is instrumental in AMA’s delivery of innovative and purposeful design.

Alasdair Hamilton - SR. ARCHITECT

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Mr. Hamilton is a veteran architect who has been helping to shape the Vancouver skyline since 1974. He’s managed more than $1 billion in construction projects, ranging from residential and commercial to industrial and institutional, and brings experience from Howard Bingham Hill, James Hancock and Bryce Rositch Architects.

A registered architect in both British Columbia and the United Kingdom, Mr. Hamilton holds a Diploma of Architecture and a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Edinburgh University. Mr. Hamilton plays a crucial role at AMA as team mentor, using his decades of industry experience and extensive knowledge of building codes to help see projects through from conception to finish.

Don Labossière - SR. ARCHITECT

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As a LEED AP BD+C certified AIBC Architect, Mr. Labossière has participated in the built environment since the mid-90’s. He holds a Master of Architecture from McGill University in Montreal and Bachelor of Architecture from Carleton University in Ottawa. Don has a been a team member and Architect at the distinguished firms; Henriquez Partners, Openspace Architecture, and Russell Hollingsworth Architect.

Don enjoys being part of a collective that understands design is a revelatory act given to a human imagination seeking to better understand the mystery of our human condition. In this sense, he sees every project as a novel opportunity tied to some hard work but also the elation of finding something unknown and mysterious.

Don is fluent in English and French and his extensive background has deepened his understanding, approach and skillset as an Architect.

Simon Williams - PROJECT MANAGER

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Mr Williams started his architectural career in Tokyo working at esteemed firms Yoshimura Yoshitaka, Sou Fujimoto, and Sinato where he worked on a wide-range of projects including museum exhibitions in Rome, apartment renovations in Tokyo, commercial interiors in Hong Kong and Singapore and the renovation of Shinjuku Station’s New South Entrance.

Mr. Williams holds a bachelor of English Literature and Graduate Degree in Architecture from the University of British Columbia and is fluent in English and Japanese. Mr. Williams brings a mastery of building efficiency and attention to detail essential to AMA’s delivery of iconic, feasible design.


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Mr. Bueno brings a skilled mind in architectural visualization and graphic design from Brazil His work has been published in 50 Years in Architecture, Brasilia-DF 2010, Architecture and Urbanism Magazine São Paulo Issue 354 and Design Project Magazine, São Paulo Issue 329. He is fluent in Portuguese.

Mr. Bueno a Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning from the University Centre of Brasilia and a Masters of Architecture from the University of Calgary where he studied Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication. He acquired expertise efficient unit layouts from his studies as a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Calgary, where he explored the deployment of small-lot housing in North America. Prior to working at AMA, he held the titles of Architect at SUBdV Architecture and Architectural Designer at NORR.

Mr. Bueno’s passion for design and acute technical ability ensures AMA’s projects are visually striking and on schedule.


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Chee brings elite-level knowledge and experience in global contemporary architecture to Arno Matis Architecture. He has worked in the offices of OMA, Sou Fujimoto, Henning Larsen and Kengo Kuma, where he developed construction details for the firm’s Shanghai SOHO project.

Chee is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin and holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Architectural Science from Ryerson University and a Diploma of Fine Arts from the College Champlain, St. Lambert.

Chee’s precision in architectural drawing and construction details is an integral part of AMA’s contemporary designs.

Sebastian Strobel - PROJECT MANAGER

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Mr. Strobel brings a breadth of international architectural experience to AMA, ranging from Batteríið Architects in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland to Sturgess Architecture in Calgary, Alberta. Before joining Arno Matis Architecture, Mr. Strobel was a project manager at Proscenium Architecture & Interiors Inc., overseeing a 9,000 square-foot renovation at Langara College’s Campus.

Mr. Strobel holds a Bachelor of Architectural Studies and a Master of Architecture from the University of Waterloo. He speaks German, having received Sprachdiplom from the Concordia German Language School. Career highlights include architectural studies in Italy, and being commissioned to build a presentation model for Google’s Canadian Headquarter.

Mr. Strobel provides AMA with a rare skillset: an aptitude for design and an eye for precision, which is what makes him a high-performing project manager.


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Mr. Ahn worked at Space Group, MIN Architects in Seoul and at the Research Institute of Seoul Studies, where he focused on UNESCO World Heritage Registration for Seoul’s Historic Wall.

Mr. Ahn’s work has been recognized with awards from the International Student Tall Building Design Competition and the prestigious University of Seoul. He is fluent in Korean, holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Seoul.

Mr. Ahn’s blend of technical expertise and a uniquely refined eye for detail are a driving force behind AMA’s designs.


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Mr. Lukashov’s specialty is bringing ideas to life through his building designs. A skilled conceptual artist, his experience includes a role at CEI Architecture Planning Interiors, where his projects involved assisting in the design of a sports arena, a private school and a winery.

Mr. Lukashov is fluent in Russian and holds a Diploma in Architectural and Building Engineering Technology from BCIT, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, Design of Architectural Environment, from Far Eastern Federal University.

Mr. Lukashov‘s artistic excellence and eye for proportion is a key component in AMA’s innovative approach to design.

Jasmine D'Cunha - INT. ARCHITECT

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Jasmine graduated among the top of her class with a Bachelor in Architectural Studies from the University of Toronto, and a Master of Architecture from the University of British Columbia. She has further honed her skills as an intern at Dialog Architects and Rockliff Pierzchajlo Architects & Planners LTD.

Her work has won multiples awards, including the University of Toronto’s Daniels Faculty of Architecture Graduate Award, the University of British Columbia’s Academic Merit Award, and the James Cheng Design Prize.

Jasmine’s consistent drive for excellence and design strength is reflected in each part of project she undertakes.


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Before joining AMA, Mr. Luo worked at AFJD Studio on mycelium bio-composite projects as designer and researcher, and AA Robins Architect on several residential and commercial projects.

Mr. Luo holds a Master in Architecture and a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from the University of British Columbia, along with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Lethbridge.During his studies, he received the Roloff Beny Foundation Photographic Award in Fine Arts from the University of Lethbridge and 2nd place honors in 2015 in a THINK public SPACE architectural competition in Croatia. He is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Yan is an all-around team player for AMA, bringing focus, ambition and enthusiasm to every project he works on.


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An Intern Architect with a keen graphic interest, Jisoo holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture from Parsons The New School for Design in New York and a Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto. She has also studied at Syracuse University in Florence, Italy.

Jisoo has a range of experience working on multi-family residential and hotel projects, preparing architectural documents from concept through to construction as an Intern Architect at Wilson Chang Architect Inc.

In the past she has worked abroad in architecture and graphic design for firms such as KISCA and ARCHIPLAN in Seoul, Korea, and MTREE in Mombasa, Kenya. Jisoo is fluent in both English and Korean. A kind spirit with an eye for clean drawing and design, Jisoo approaches each task with precision and excellence.


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Having a fresh visual eye and a masterful skillset in 3D modeling, Siqin holds a Bachelors of Architecture from Harbin Institute of Technology in China and a Master of Urban Design from University of Toronto. She has collaborated in research, modeling, and graphics at Shenyang Urban Planning Design & Research Institute, Gensler Shanghai (China Office), Shanghai Janaki Architecture Design Institute and Northeast Architecture Design Institute. Siqin is fluent in Mandarin and English.

Siqin’s unique academic background allows her to work proficiently in the field of both Urban Design and Architecture. She has won the Academic Year Award from University of Toronto 2015, and the Outstanding Prize for Autodesk Revit Cup 2013 National Student Competition in Sustainable Architectural Design and continues to excel in her field of expertise.

Katy Pisheh - DESIGNER

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Having always been curious about the built environment, Katy started her studies in Interior Design. She holds a Bachelors degree in Architectural Science from BCIT and a Masters degree in Product design from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. To her, all three fields share the same foundation or language and differ only in scale.

In Italy she had the opportunity to work on proposals for high-end companies such as Pininfarina, Interni Magazine, and collaborate on a window display for LaRinascente department store in Palermo, Italy.

Katy brings over a decade of expertise in interior design and visual communication to AMA. Her passion is driven by the endless investigation, interpretation and problem solving aspects of the design process.


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Ms. Liu is an expert at multitasking with nearly a decade of office experience. She’s also an accounting guru, with a Diploma in Accounting Program from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia and holding the title of Bookkeeper, Tax Accountant at VR eTax Centre Inc., Burnaby, BC before joining Arno Matis Architecture.

Ms. Liu is fluent in Mandarin and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Soochow University in China. She has worked in China as an intern for Suzhou Huabo Technology Co., Ltd., translating documents and helping customers.

Ms. Liu’s positive attitude and hard work keeps the AMA office running smoothly.

Christie Anderson - GRAPHICS & MARKETING

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Ms. Anderson holds a Bachelor of Science from Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology. Before joining AMA, she worked freelance in the field, designing GUIs for websites, touchscreens, mobile apps and custom integrated interactive technology. Her client list ranged from Ritz Carlton to BC Hydro. She also worked on the websites for Aperture and South Creek Landing.

Ms. Anderson’s expertise ensures all AMA graphic materials, presentations and the company’s web presence are professionally managed.

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We believe that contemporary forces of globalization and fragmented specialization demand new responses to the shaping of human environments. AMA’s interest in design integration engages projects in the typically unexplored hybrid space between architecture, urban planning, and landscape; working within the disciplines and blurring the lines between them.

Each AMA project is an archetype of the unique characteristics of site, its social, cultural, economic and ecological context, and the unique skills and personalities of its stakeholders. AMA is rooted in a rigorous approach to professional practice and implementation at all project phases. We are committed to sustainability in its broadest definition. Projects are continually tested in real-time against established benchmarks. We strive for responsive and balanced design solutions beyond the utopian that serve the present and point to an unimaginably exciting future.