Listed for two consecutive years as a top 40 leading global design firm for the 21st century; Cited as: “Outstanding, forward-thinking people and organizations who have the demonstrable potential to be the next big thing in the architectural world.” - World Architecture News

AMA features an internationally-experienced team, experts highly skilled in the provision of integrated architecture and urban design on the frontiers of the built environment.

Our offices are organized around the principles of an open and integrated design workshop where barriers to communication are removed. Building on the principles of integrated team environments, AMA’s work places an emphasis on value-added innovation and research & development at all levels of design and project implementation. We provide service in 8 languages.


Principal Arno Matis has extensive experience in designing and delivering architectural and urban design projects for a diverse range of clientele locally and internationally. He holds a graduate degree in Architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, a first professional degree in Architecture from the University of Oregon and a Master of Business Administration from Queen’s University. Mr.Matis has taught at the University of Oregon and is a guest critic at the University of British Columbia School of Architecture.

Throughout his career, Arno Matis has continued his emphasis on rigorous research and development, fostering the spirit of artistic innovation in the application of new technologies and methodologies. His creative influences are drawn from academic underpinnings in architecture, urban design, landscape, contemporary art, culture and philosophy. He is a former senior director of Bing Thom Architects and played an active role in the design and management of numerous award-winning landmark projects including Arena Stage in Washington and the Sunset Community Centre in Vancouver. Under BTA, Mr.Matis led Hotel Georgia through the first rezoning under Vancouver’s Tall Building Policy. Mr. Matis has sat on the City of Vancouver Urban Design Panel, City of Vancouver Planning Commission, UBC Advisory Panel and currently sits on West Vancouver’s Design Review Committee.


We believe that contemporary forces of globalization and fragmented specialization demand new responses to the shaping of human environments. AMA’s interest in design integration engages projects in the typically unexplored hybrid space between architecture, urban planning, and landscape; working within the disciplines and blurring the lines between them.

Each AMA project is an archetype of the unique characteristics of site, its social, cultural, economic and ecological context, and the unique skills and personalities of its stakeholders. AMA is rooted in a rigorous approach to professional practice and implementation at all project phases. We are committed to sustainability in its broadest definition. Projects are continually tested in real-time against established benchmarks. We strive for responsive and balanced design solutions beyond the utopian that serve the present and point to an unimaginably exciting future.