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Arts District Mixed-Use Rental

Los Angeles, California

From its agricultural roots to its importance as a manufacturing and industrial center, to its emergence as an important hybrid industrial and live/work center, the Arts District continues to increase its presence and importance as a neighborhood that will shape the future of downtown Los Angeles. On this site, the opportunity exists to meet the evolving land-use needs by blending industrial and working residential uses within an area that supports liveability and employment.

This Arts District proposal’s building form and character are inspired by the industrial context and the history of the rail infrastructure that supported this historic use. The development proposal also draws heavily from the arts, presenting an exciting and optimistic view toward the future of this important neighborhood:

ARCHITECTURAL CHARACTER: The architectural expression draws from the past but connects to the future. The expression is contemporary, but respectful of the industrial heritage and strong influence of the arts within this community. Rendered in white panel and punched vision glass, the project re-interprets the structural rhythm and cadence of the railroad tie. The pattern of void and solid is modulated on the façade to enhance views, address the desire for passive solar control and to create rhythm and texture and a play of light and shadow on the dynamic building form.

BUILDING FORM: The proposal presents itself as a hybrid podium and tower form blurring the lines between public and private uses. The massing is articulated through stepped shoulder lines and generous roof terraces that support strong indoor-outdoor relationships. These are prominently expressed at grade through relationships between indoor/outdoor courtyard spaces as well as generous roof terraces and rooftop park.

The proposed development reinforces the objectives of providing new employment space while presenting a new typology for affordable and more sustainable urban living. The development program proposes a synergistic mix of uses that together will reinforce each other and create a vibrant addition to the neighborhood.

TYPE Mixed-Use Commercial/Rental

STATUS Concept Design

CLIENT Onni Group

Rezoning, Architectural