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Helsinki, Finland

Designed to reflect the magical Nordic landscape of Finland, ‘Archipelago’ reflects the social, environmental, economic and political ideals of the nation and the Guggenheim organization. Island-like massing is fragmented by public spaces designed to maximize interaction with artistic process and blur the lines between the physical and networked world. ‘Archipelago’ places simultaneous importance on 'arrival spaces' represented by pavilions expressed in Finnish wood, and 'process spaces' expressed as landscaped bridges and walkways that follow the geometric grid of Helsinki to maximize waterfront views and accessibility while connecting the islands to each other, the City, and the world. The Guggenheim ‘Archipelago’ is a 'next generation' gallery; iconic, respectful, contextual, sustainable and connected

TYPE Mixed-Use Museum

SIZE 130,000 sq ft(12,100 sq m)

DATE August 2014

STATUS Competition

Arno Matis, Matthew Beall, Andrew Wong, Paul Kibayashi, Stan Hung, Jihee Choi, Carolin Baur, Christie Matis