Aperture赢得国际房地产奖 – 公寓居住的最佳建筑设计:美洲的五星区域冠军

AMA, together with Buffalo Investment, received an International Property Award for their Aperture project, winning Best Architecture for Multiple-Residence. The project was also named a 5-star regional winner for the Americas, receiving the award in London, United Kingdom!    SEE AWARD >


Dezeen 奖 2018:3,695个项目中的前218个项目

FROM DEZEEN.COM “Dezeen Awards is our new annual awards programme. It will identify the world's best architecture, interiors and design, as well as the studios and the individual architects and designers producing the most outstanding work.    SEE AWARD >



“New major hotel with 438 rooms proposed for West Broadway near VGH"   Urbanized>     “Simply Beautiful West Broadway Hotel Fits the Rhythm of the Neighbourhood"  CITYDUO>     “Architect submits...to replace Park Inn with hospital-oriented project"   THE STRAIGHT>          “New hotel proposed for Fairview Pub/Park Inn site on W Broadway"  THE Courier>


Aperture 在新聞裡

SHANNON MOORE, BUILDING MAGAZINE - “When Vancouver’s Cambie Corridor became a major transit artery in 2009, a 30-year densification plan emerged. Community facilities, childcare spaces, parks and recreation, and more than 15,000 new homes were scheduled to transform the area into an affordable and desirable place to live."  SEE ARTICLE >    
Aperture in ArchDaily   SEE ARTICLE >   Aperture in Concept Magazine   SEE MAGAZINE >    



AMA’s wind-shaped tower broke ground in White Rock last Thursday. Follow our Facebook or Instagram feeds for future updates on construction progress. SEE PROJECT >



FROM WESTERNLIVING.CA “Each year, Western Living celebrates the best in Western Canadian design with our Designers of the Year September issue, and each year, we’re thrilled by our region’s home-grown talent. Entries poured in from across the West—from Victoria to Winnipeg and everywhere in between—and all-star judging panel got to work, making their way through hundreds of incredible submissions to pull out just a few for our shortlist of finalists”    SEE AWARD >



FROM CANADIANINTERIORS.COM “The ‘Light Forest’ salon — Yusaf Hair Studio — is among Vancouver’s premiere salons, serving a growing list of local and international clientele. The organizational concept for the new studio is an open plan; minimizing back of house areas and maximizing the customer experience in a compact studio environment.”    SEE ARTICLE >


Arno to join West Vancouver’s Design Review Committee in 2019

FROM WEBSITE “The Committee Provides recommendations to Council on policies and regulations affecting buildings, site development and urban design, and on the design merits, and physical and aesthetic impact of proposed development plans and major infrastructure projects”    LEARN MORE >



The American Architecture Prize celebrates creativity and innovation in the fields of architectural design, landscape architecture, and interior design, with the goal of advancing the appreciation of architecture worldwide.    SEE PROJECT >


Cascade City項目投向市場

“The building rises up and creates these really fantastic south-facing decks over a large, landscaped podium. The building form is a boomerang shape which has a kind of smoothness that evokes the flow of the Fraser river,” says Mr. Matis. “It all connects, at least to me, in my mind, to the idea of living in a lush landscape on the river’s edge. That’s the creative inspiration for the project.”     SEE PROJECT >     SEE MARKETING SITE>


AMA 2017 技术升级包含了VR虚拟现实,实现了高级环境分析

Recent upgrades to AMA’s design process include Virtual Reality. Computer-generated simulations of three-dimensional images allow Clients to immerse themselves in the building, providing a better understanding of volumetrics and opportunities to make more contextualized design decisions.

Recent software advancements enable AMA to provide precise climate simulations. Digital analysis of these environmental factors result in buildings that more accurately respond to the unique conditions of each site.

These computational initiatives allow AMA to integrate Regenerative, Contextual and Sustainable Design strategies into next level designs.



CHRISTOPHER CHEUNG, THETYEE.CA Two Vancouver architects, Arno Matis and James Cheng, offer their observations about the challenges of building rental housing. They also share some design tricks that make life inside and outside a rental building more enjoyable and convenient — important as cities like Vancouver densify. And we take a visit to a rental project built over a London Drugs and explore the design approach that makes it work. See Video >



Elizabeth Stamp, CNN— Chosen from over 65 entries, this year's finalists represent the latest in hotel design and offer a glimpse at the future of travel. "All Canadians want to go to Florida or Arizona in the winter, right?" says Hardy. "So [Arno Matis Architecture] thought, 'Why don't we create something here that's sustainable, with somewhat of the same environment? And then you don't have to leave Vancouver.'"   SEE FULL ARTICLE >   SEE PROJECT >



Arno Matis Architecture’s Vertical Micro-Climate Resort (VMR) Concept has been named one of three finalists in the New York Radical Innovation Design competition put on by a global leader in hospitality development: The John Hardy Group. The award aims to discover concepts that have the power to change the hotel industry.   SEE AWARD >   SEE PROJECT >

IN THE MEDIA:    Business in Vancouver >   Business Insider >   Lodging Magazine >   Victoria Citified >   Daily Hive >


Arthur Erickson新兴建筑奖获奖名单

Arno Matis named Arthur Erickson Emerging Architect Award Finalist. WL MAGAZINE—Western Living celebrates the best in Western Canadian design with the annual Designers of the Year awards. For our 10th annual competition, we saw entries flood in from all across the West, and our editorial team and all-star judging panel were floored by the talent on display. […] Congratulations to all of this year’s incredible finalists.    SEE FINALISTS >



AMA is thrilled to announce their partnership with Aquilini Developments to design Rogers Arena’s north and south plazas, repurposing the soon-to-be demolished viaducts into an exciting campus of mixed-use and public amenity. This exciting vision is sure to transform this entertainment district. Design updates coming soon! Sign-up for our newsletter >


越来越多的精简型住户驱使高端独立产权公寓市场走热,Arno Matis在《环球邮报》中谈到为高端精简型住户设计

KERRY GOLD – SPECIAL TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL “The recent surge in house prices and unexpected gains in home equity are giving baby boomers in some urban areas of Canada the advantage, allowing them to upgrade their lifestyles, instead of making do with less.” READ ARTICLE >



“It will be a very well noticed & almost landmark building.” – UDP Panelist. Inspired by the organic beauty of the area, the rock formations of Queen Elizabeth Park, and the area’s tradition of west coast modernism, this mid-block proposal presents an opportunity to interpret the context in new way: as an out-cropping of surface rock. SEE PROJECT >



AMA is delighted to announce the completion of Vancouver’s premiere hair salon: Yusaf Hair Studio. An inverted ‘bamboo chandelier’ animates the cubic volume. The totemic lighting element in polished metal rises up from the floor rather than dropping down from the ceiling, forming an organic light-art garden. The composition is intended as a reflective, dreamlike escape.


Arthur Erickson新兴建筑奖获奖名单

Arno Matis named Arthur Erickson Emerging Architect Award Finalist WL MAGAZINE-“Western Living celebrates the best in Western Canadian design with the annual Designers of the Year awards. For our 9th annual competition, we saw entries flood in from all across the West, and our editorial team and all-star judging panel were floored by the talent on display. [] Congratulations to all of this year’s incredible finalists.” SEE SHORTLIST >


Southeast Asia meets West Coast in a Vision of Light - 环游邮报刊登了漂浮之屋

MARTHA UNIAKE BREEN, THE NATIONAL POST TORONTO - “The staggered pattern of the slats creates a sense of movement. It’s more natural, less predictably geometric; they look random, but viewed together it has a natural pattern, almost like branches” – Architect, Arno Matis READ FULL ARTICLE >



“记者,博主兼陪审员Frances Bula评价道:在温哥华此处这么一个重要又略显困难的地盘,这栋建筑是独一无二的。每一次我经过Cambie的时候都要欣赏一番”. S查看获奖信息 >


98.3 Roundhouse电台Real Estate Therapist频道的Joannah Connolly和Arno Matis

98.3 Roundhouse电台Real Estate Therapist频道的Joannah Connolly和Arno Matis一起讨论了温哥华的城市居住范围的扩张,房屋购买力,建设进程和整个建筑行业. 详情请点击 >

Spring 2016

Design Quartely杂志报道了Arno Matis

CHERYL MAH, DESIGN QUARTERLY - 出生在温哥华南部,从小在移民自德国双亲的熏陶下,Arno Matis很早就决定了未来要当一名建筑师。“我总是很好奇一栋楼房到底是怎样建成的”,51岁的Matis回忆到,“我非常着迷于怎样可以将自身的经历和生活的方式投射到整个建筑中去,设计和建筑到底可以有多重要-即使我是你都会被这件事所震惊”。 阅读完整文章 >



JOHN MACKIE, VANCOUVER SUN - “It’s kind of a well-kept secret – for a city known for its tall towers, and unfortunately in many cases, (for) the monotony of its tall towers, we’ve been doing pretty good mid-rise buildings,” says Brent Toderian, Vancouver’s former head city planner. Case in point: South Creek Landing, a six-storey building at Sixth and Cambie. 阅读完整文章 >


Arno Matis成為UBC城市設計顧問小組的一員

Arno Matis will join the University of British Columbia’s Advisory Urban Design Panel this Spring 2016. The panel acts as an advisor to the Board of Governors and Development Permit board, reviewing building and landscape proposals with respect to the design and impact to UBC campus land and community. MORE ABOUT THE PANEL >


造型前衛的零售業建築降臨Cambie與King Edward街角

KENNETH CHAN - Designed by Arno Matis Architecture, the exterior of the building carries a highly contemporary facade, with floor plates and building-length balconies that jut out and accentuate the building; upper levels are stepped back on the north and south facades to minimize the amount of shadowing. READ FULL ARTICLE >



7100 Elmbridge received unanimous approval from Richmond’s Design Panel March 19, 2016. Inspired by the geological history of its context, the architectural expression of the project is forward-looking, utilizing contemporary geometries, materials and building systems. This project could be understood as a ‘landscape intervention’, a topography of built form shaped to express the flow of water that is so powerfully present in the Richmond delta. SEE PROJECT >



Aperture’s unique concrete structure completed early December. This full city-block site engages an urban-scale project in a rapidly emerging neighborhood. Directly across from one of the most prestigious shopping areas in the city, this Cambie Corridor project seeks a contemporary design vernacular for the area SEE PROJECT >


独具慧眼 拥抱竞争 专访建筑师 阿尔诺·马蒂斯Arno Matis

阿尔诺·马蒂斯(Arno Matis)曾任知名建筑公司Bing Thom Architects 的高级总监,并在华盛顿的 Arena Stage、素里的Central City和温哥华的Sunset Community Centre等众多获奖地标建筑的建 案中担任设计、管理要职。他在2006年创立了 ICONSTRUX建筑公司,并在 2012年将公司发 展为现在的Arno Matis建筑。《加拿大地产周 刊》记者特别采访了这位独具慧眼的建筑师,与 大家分享他对温哥华建筑市场的观察以及前卫建 筑——SOUTH CREEK LANDING背后的故事。 READ FULL ARTICLE >


African Design Magazine刊登了2211Cambie工程

South Creek Landing is the result of a rare opportunity on a once-forgotten site in Vancouver, Canada. This commercial/residential mixed-use project presents an avant-garde building with cascading post-tensioned concrete cantilever floors.Named one of the 15 best buildings in Vancouver by Planning Director Brian Jackson, the project is perched on the southwest end of the Cambie Street Bridge and stands as the symbolic gateway to Vancouver’s uptown. READ FULL ARTICLE (PG 54) >


South Creek Landing被溫哥華城市規劃主管譽為溫哥華最佳十五棟建築之一

THE VANCOUVER SUN, JEFF LEE "So what is it that Jackson, a planner for more than 35 years in places from Toronto to California to Nevada to British Columbia, thinks makes up good and bad architecture? Jackson agreed to show The Vancouver Sun what he considers the city’s best and worst." (Read full article here) Watch the video for Jackson's tour and comments on AMA’s design. Watch Tour >



ALEXANDRE LÉVESQUE-LAVOIE, 05/07/2015 - This magnificent small project obviously caught our attention right away. The building exteriors, designed by architect Arno Matis, are inspired by iconic images of stacked timber and respond to the play of light, creating a unique and subtly changing look depending on season, time of day and weather. READ FULL ARTICLE >


施工中的Yusaf Hair Studio

This premiere salon is under construction and slated for completion this July 2015. Located in Oakridge, Vancouver the project features a ‘bamboo chandelier’ in polished metal, white concrete micro-topping and mirror and silver-backed acrylic wall finishes. SEE PROJECT >


AMA被World Architecture News列為二十一世紀四十大建築公司之一

For second year in a row, Arno Matis Architecture has been long listed in the top forty up-and-coming firms that WAN believes could be the ‘leading lights’ of the 21st century. Cited by World Architecture News as “Outstanding, forward-thinking people and organizations who have the demonstrable potential to be the next big thing in the architectural world.” SEE ARTICLE >


Vancouver Link; AMA和Brook Pooni Associates以及Javid Jah一同參與了2015Robson Redux競賽

An annual design competition for a summer installation in front of Vancouver’s downtown Art Gallery, the 2015 theme of ‘connection’ encouraged entrants to partner with fine artists. With an exceptionally tight installation budget of $40,000, ‘Vancouver Link’ is an installation piece of ‘found objects’ assembled to connect participants to each other and the City.

Inspired by links of a chain, each link forms a pathway shaped by prefabricated “Art Arches” leading to a central community space; a new urban room on Robson Street populated with soft seating. Expressed in original graffiti art by Canadian artists (graffiti depicted by Canadian artist Javid Jah), each arch tells a story about Vancouver, it’s people and its aspirations. Themes of multiculturalism, diversity and sustainability expressed in abstract pieces weave into each other, conveying interconnections that are an inevitable experience of life in Vancouver. Visitors are invited to add their stories through the participation in ‘pavement-chalkart’. At night, the site installation is illuminated by glow-in-the-dark graffiti and solar powered lighting.



Aperture construction is steaming ahead! Developed by Chinese mega-builder William Wang, ‘Aperture’ marks their first mid-scale project in Canada. With construction by Urban One Builders (most noted for constructing Vancouver’s Trump Tower), we look forward to its completion in 2016! SEE PROJECT >


ARCHIPELAGO; AMA在赫爾辛基古根海姆博物館設計競賽中的參賽作品

Designed to reflect the magical Nordic landscape of Finland, ‘Saaristo’ (Finnish for archipelago) reflects the social, environmental, economic and political ideals of the nation and the Guggenheim organization. Island-like massing is fragmented by public spaces designed to maximize interaction with artistic process and blur the lines between the physical and networked world. 'Saaristo' places simultaneous importance on 'arrival spaces' represented by pavilions expressed in Finnish wood, and 'process spaces' expressed as landscaped bridges and walkways that follow the geometric grid of Helsinki to maximize waterfront views and accessibility while connecting the islands to each other, the City, and the world. The Guggenheim 'Saaristo' is a 'next generation' gallery; iconic, respectful, contextual, sustainable and connected. SEE PROJECT >


2211 Cambie竣工!被Architectural, Vancity Buzz, 溫哥華日報強力報道

South Creek Landing featured in Arthitectural, Vancouver Sun, Vancity buzz. Congratulations to the entire South Creek Landing team on getting residency permit, and to South Creek Landing residents for their beautiful new home. Read about the project on the following Media Outlets:

Lighting by Tamar Frank in the Vancouver Sun >

Vancity Buzz >

Arthitectural >


World Architecture News稱AMA為’溫哥華的指明燈’

Arno Matis Architecture uses responsive density design to create Aperture residential scheme for the Cambie Boulevard With the introduction of the Canada Line along Vancouver’s Cambie Street, the Cambie Boulevard now transports over one hundred thousand transit riders per day. Despite route popularity, many station sites are still surrounded by low density, single-family neighbourhoods.

Using Vancouver’s Cambie Corridor Plan as a direction for redevelopment, Arno Matis Architecture (AMA) sought to expand on the transformation of this major city street using their new approach to urban development: Responsive Density Design. Here, AMA doesn’t propose a site and program as if it was a standalone object, but rather as a response to its urban environment. READ FULL ARTICLE >



Arno as panelist at Urban Land Institute’s spring conference, to speak on: ‘Tying Cities Together: Using Civic Space to Increase Value and Build Community’, April 10th, 2014 at the Vancouver convention centre.

[session profile from uli.org] The unintended consequences of post-war America urban sprawl was the negligent omission of civic space. To remedy this, place-making applied as regenerative urban tissue and as centerpieces of ground up urban framework systems for suburban areas is an essential imperative of Building Healthy Places. Why? Because it’s bankable, both at the micro-scale creating increased asset value, and at the macro-scale by building community.



THE GLOBE AND MAIL - MAR 8, 2014, HADANI DITMARS - Vancouver-born architect Arno Matis has a lot invested in his newest project, a six-storey development of 78 residential units near Oakridge Mall called Aperture: Not only is it the result of an extensive neighbourhood review, recently approved by the Urban Design Panel, it’s also the area where he grew up. So it’s with a certain pride of place that he describes the Cambie Corridor not only as Vancouver’s next big experiment in densification, but also as “our great North-South boulevard, a gateway to downtown and one of the first things visitors see when they drive in from the airport. more >



VANCOUVER COURIER – FEB 12, 2014, NAOIBH O’CONNOR - It’s a “cool building.” “Bold expression.” It will be like “living in an idea.” Those are some of the effusive comments members of the city’s Urban Design Panel made recently about buildings planned for West 41st Ave. between Willow and Baillie streets near Oakridge Centre. The UDP advises city council and staff about development proposals or policies, including major development applications, rezoning applications, and other projects of public interest, although its decisions aren’t binding on the city. In this case, the panel voted 8-0 in support of the development called Aperture destined for 799 West 41st Ave. It includes two large six-storey buildings and four two-storey laneway villas. They will be built on five former single-family lots. READ FULL ARTICLE >


AMA的作品出現在了電視電影 ‘Mothers Day Off’ 的建築工作室中

Look for Arno Matis Architecture’s work filling an architectural studio in an eOne TV movie “Mother’s Day off”. Movie slated to air in May. Stay tuned for details. Eone.com >


“終於出現了一座可融於山水之間的建築”環球郵報報道了AMA的Mt Pleasant工程

GLOBE AND MAIL – NOV 15, 2013, HADANI DITMARS - The convergence of Main Street and Kingsway is one of Vancouver’s most important intersections. Main Street follows the pathway of an old salmon stream named Brewery Creek and Kingsway was once the gold rush-spawned New Westminster trail. Now the historically significant, culturally rich and rapidly gentrifying area is at the epicentre of a new real estate gold rush – as well as concomitant controversy about how (the “if” being a fait accompli) density should proceed. But the first new mixed use development to be approved for rezoning in Mount Pleasant since the nearby Rize Alliance project (which has endured years of negotiating, public hearings and redesigns) may have solved the community conundrum in a neat architectural hat trick. READ FULL ARTICLE >


Urban Land Article-“溫市如何自我進化”

URBANLAND – FEB 14, 2014, PATRICK KIGER - Vancouver’s view corridors are just one of the strictures in what is arguably the most heavily regulated development space in North America. But while there have been periodic complaints that the process has slowed Vancouver’s growth, it doesn’t necessarily stifle creativity. Case in point: architect Arno Matis’ Vertical Forest building, recently approved for construction at the intersection of Main Street and Kings­way in the city’s Mount Pleasant area. The building’s design incorporates six different geometric forms, which not only conform to view corridor regulations but also provide angles that will allow for production of passive solar heating and cooling. The architect and developer, Amir Virani, had to go through an 18-month process that included not only scrutiny by city planners but also meetings with neighborhood residents—who reportedly urged Matis to create an edgier, more innovative design. “One of their key concerns was that we avoid another ‘cookie-cutter tower,’ ” Matis recently told the Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper. READ FULL ARTICLE >


獲批!The Vertical Forest Building獲得分區規劃支持現已進入開發審批階段

The Vertical Forest Building receives rezoning support and is now proceeding to development approval. The proposal includes artist-live work spaces, commercial retail uses, and market residential uses. The site is one of the most exciting locations in the City, in the heart of Mt. Pleasant on the edge of the hilltop. Its location boasts commanding views of the downtown Vancouver cityscape. It is a bold, contemporary proposal, yet imminently responsive to the existing context. The massing responds to the dynamic intersection of one of Vancouver’s most important intersections; the diagonal grid of Kingsway with the orthogonal grid of Main Street. This intersection throws off an energy that is captured in the geometry of the design proposal with its alternating diagonal north facades. The proposal introduces a familiar palette of wood and glass in a completely new and seductive form. READ FULL ARTICLE >



AMA’S Aperture Building Receives Unanimous Support from City of Vancouver Council for Rezoning. Stratigraphic architectural themes are explored with strong horizontals expressed throughout the project in combination with layering façade frame elements. Materials are proposed as architectural concrete and glass. The architectural façade frames are programmed to maximize passive shading and fragment density. Distant views are breathtaking and private roof decks are fully appointed to take advantage of this amenity. This western gateway project to the Oakridge Town Centre precinct introduces an exciting new typology into rapidly transforming part of the City. VIEW PROJECT >



The Vertical Forest Building in the media for its innovative façade design and passive shading system. Read about The Vertical Forest Building’s ‘biomimetic’ Energy efficient light strategies on the following online media outlets:

Inhabitat >

Architecture Lab >

Arthitectural >

Tech Investor News >

Design Spotter >



On 5 December 2012 the Urban Design Panel enthusiastically supported the design proposal which introduces a new paradigm and building typology to the Oakridge Town Centre Area. The project which includes 100 residential and market rental units in a combination of midrise and lane villa massing configurations meets all of the requirements of the Cambie Corridor Plan on a regular lot depth of 120ft. The shallow lot presents an opportunity to decrease typical unit depths, greatly enhancing liveability. The project also introduces a contemporary and bold architectural vocabulary, proposing a material palette that is sensitive to its context, yet pointing to a new and exciting future for the Oakridge Area. The integration of architecture, urban design and landscape is in keeping with the AMA firm philosophy of working in the ‘hybrid spaces’ between the disciplines and ‘blurring the lines between them’. SEE PROJECT >


AMA入圍Presentation House Gallery的候選名單

AMA has been selected to join a short-list of five firms for new art gallery facilities in North Vancouver. Presentation House Gallery has a mandate to exhibit and disseminate photography and media art, emphasizing contemporary Canadian work within a context of historical and international art. In addition to the exhibition program, we organize national and international tours of exhibitions, produce publications, and offer public events and art education programs.



The Film Production Facility has entered the pre-construction phase. The project challenges conventional wisdom with respect to design of contemporary work spaces. The traditional eight hour workday has been extended to a 24 hour day. The workplace now functions more like a residence with the need for entertainment, outdoor and interior living spaces.


South Creek Landing進入施工階段

The much - anticipated SCL project has broken ground and is now under construction. This project boasts a number of design “firsts” including the research and development of a new white concrete veneer building skin.


Steel House進入施工前期階段

The Steel House is now in the building permit and tender phase. This private cliff-hugging residence draws its inspiration from its immediate industrial context. The project sits immediately above a working rail yard and offers spectacular views to the north shore mountains and waterfront views along coal harbour to downtown Vancouver.



Located in the Waterfall Building by renowned Canadian Architect Arthur Erickson, the new Vancouver AMA Office lays the ground work for the shape of things to come. In keeping with the firm methodology philosophy, the open studio workshop fits our integrated approach to design. The landscape courtyard and adjacent glass pyramid pavilion are perfect for exhibitions, events and presentations. We look forward to welcoming our clients and guests to the new space.



The twin towers in the heart of Dubai’s financial district completed with CPG of Singapore incorporates offices, a hotel, residential apartments, and a retail mall. Elliptical in plan, the sleek, crystalline forms of the 140m high towers are connected by a futuristic ‘living bridge’ - a filigree of steel and glass hovering 90m above the bustle of Sheikh Zayed road. Within is an exclusive lifestyle club, a contemporary oasis whose infinity lap pool merges with the distant horizon of the Arabian Sea. SEE PROJECT >


South Creek Landing綜合大樓進入施工前期階段

This iconic project perched on the south west end of the Cambie Street Bridge, will soon become the symbolic gateway to Vancouver’s uptown. The project is now in the tendering and construction planning stage with building permits underway. A rare opportunity on a once-forgotten site, the commercial/residential mixed use project presents a building form of cascading post-tensioned concrete cantilever floors and a layered screen façade that reflects light and distorts the boundaries between interior and exterior. SEE PROJECT >


Floating House進入施工階段

This highly innovative private residence breaks new ground with an architectural concrete envelope that uses a completely unique white concrete mix custom developed exclusively for the project. The project is a fusion of contemporary east-Asian, and west coast design influences. The project in architectural concrete utilizes a proprietary custom white concrete mix. SEE PROJECT >


V House進入施工階段

The V House is now under construction. This concrete custom family residence draws from the neo-tudor style of its context and delivers a new interpretation. Exposed architectural concrete, contemporary details and design typically associated with comparable projects are delivered through careful planning and the meticulous and careful application of resources. SEE PROJECT >



The temporary air terminal at Vancouver International Airport designed by AMA is now complete and ready to welcome athletes and VIP’s from around the world. This complete airport facility contains all functions required to process arriving and departing persons in an environment of the highest security. Completed in just three months, the facility will be converted into permanent airside terminal after the Olympic Games.


City Caucus-溫式特色

Coincidentally, one of the most beautiful home retrofits on the tour was by current Planning Commissioner Arno Matis of iConstrux Architecture. Matis, who also worked with Bing Thom in designing the iconic Sunset Community Centre in south Vancouver, shows what a little passion for the city you live in can create. That Vancouver Special that was once a dull and functional domicile, is now the envy of the block.


CTV News-歡慶溫式特色

Local architects are calling them under-appreciated, unfairly mocked and bursting with potential. Believe it or not, they're referring to Vancouver Specials -- and half a century after their arrival, the affordable homes may be getting the makeover they deserve…



Before you write me off as another fallen suburbanite, look at the photos of the unit as redesigned and renovated by Vancouver architectural firm Iconstrux Architecture (AMA). It's attracted a lot of attention, and deservedly so. I don't really care if this house started life as a tool shed – it's gorgeous, and I want one… There are many experiences that contribute to "the Vancouver Brand," and public revilement of the infamous Vancouver Special is one of them. Boxy and boring, it's part of our shared heritage as Vancouverites to scoff at these inelegant abodes. But brand attributes can change – even commonly accepted ones. And if the widespread belief that these suburban shoeboxes are a blight on the good name of Vancouver can change, what's next?



Everyone knows that Vancouver house prices are sky high. Still, here’s one that ups the ante….But this is no ordinary Vancouver Special. In fact, you’d never know that it was a Vancouver Special...

because it has been transformed into an ultra-contemporary home. For the uninitiated, a Vancouver Special is a two-storey box that is popular among some people, but totally reviled by others. Architecturally they're usually distinguished by a red brick facade on the first floor, white stucco up top and a wrought iron railing on a second-story balcony. This is an older Special from the late 1960s, with brown wood siding up top and stucco on the bottom. Built it is virtually unrecognizable from when renovations started a year ago.