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Cliff House 2.0

West Vancouver

AMA is thrilled to announce the continuation of the original Cliff House. The original stunning cantilever cliff-inspired home is now being modified to double in size.

This concrete waterfront residence explores and blurs the lines between landscape and architecture; between nature and building. In a postmodern world of dislocation, the use of landscape and topography as form-generator is a particularly cogent means to establish a sense of “poetic belonging”. A rocky, southwest facing, steeply sloping waterfront site was an ideal source of inspiration to create a residence which explores this dialectical tension. The residence is massed in three forms that cascade to the waterfront. The spaces between the forms, expressed as slip-planes, recall the rock formations on the craggy Burrard Inlet shoreline. The juxtaposition of forms are loose and geometries are non-orthogonal and sympathetic to the site contours. **Images depict original 2007 design. Modified design coming soon.

TYPE Private Residence

SIZE 30,000 sq ft

STATUS Pre Construction

DATE May 2014

Rezoning, Exterior & Interior Design

Arno Matis, Paul Kibayashi, Stan Hung