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Bear Mountain Resort, Langford, BC

Located mountain-top near the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Canada, this resort community proposes natural thermal & solar technology to provide a warmer, brighter year-round indoor/outdoor resort living experience.

Concaved shaped towers use reflective guardrail systems to redirect additional light down and naturally brighten resort grounds.

Central Geo-Exchange System naturally heats and cools the resort ground and geothermal cliff-edge pools.

More than 1 million Canadians age 55+ seek warmer climates each year. In addition to traditional sustainability methods in building performance, VMR looks at how advances in climate simulation and building technology can be harnessed to address the larger issue of human behavior and energy use - specifically, the consumption of energy associated with human seasonal migration. On average, air travel generates 50 times more CO2 per mile than automotive travel (1). A local destination that reduces air travel can impact the overall resort sustainability upon arrival.

Vertically-oriented suites are configured to provide residents with a year-round indoor/outdoor resort living experience. Natural light apertures within the deck slab refract additional light into the suites and indoor amenity spaces; expansive, fully-appointed balconies feature sauna-pods, jacuzzi and linear fireplaces atop naturally warmed deck flooring. Sauna pods extend off the master suite bath and look out to dramatic mountain and water views.

TYPE Resort Community

SIZE 450,000 SQ FT

CLIENT Ecoasis Developments

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